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Welcome to Layout_Donations
This is a community for anyone who wants a layout!
This community has just opened, so I'm urging people to be patient with the layouts, I've just started doing this. I'm currently looking for a couple of people to help me out moderating.

We only have a couple of rules so far, but if we see anything happening that shouldn't be we'll be adding a couple more!

1. CREDIT! no one wants to make layouts and have people steal them!
2. When posting a request please put it under a cut
3. IF you have a layout that you'd like to share you're welcome, just make sure you put it either under a cut or in a text area box!
4. DO NOT under any circumstances post in a moderators journal your request. If a moderator says it's fine then you can contact one via AIM or whatever other messenger system they have
5. Don't promote in this community. We have promotion communities for that
6. Comment if taking please

Moderators/Layout whores
My name is Meg and I am your moderator/maintainer. I am open to requests via AIM if you would like. My screen name is snookiebear612. You can talk to me if you don't want your request stolen or anything by other members. That is perfectly fine. I'm easy to get along with, so if you like one of my layouts, but want anything changed I'll be more than happy to do that.